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Kreatronix has been a trusted distributor for Eaton (earlier known as Cooper Bussmann) since the year 1988.Eaton is an industry leader in critical circuit protection fuses and plays a major role in industrial or commercial facilities.

Fuse is an electronic safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit upon exceeding the currents safety level.

Bussmann series fuses play a critical role in industrial or commercial facilities by providing reliable, maximum protection to power systems. From their physical size or to rejection features they help prevent replacing a fuse with one from another fuse category. This allows correct replacement of fuse is always installed and the voltage, interrupting ratings remain constant.

We Deal With

low voltage fuses

Low Voltage Fuse

A fuse is a type of over-current protective device that is designed to be a sacrificial element in an electrical power system.

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HT fuses

HT Fuse

HT HRC Fuses consist of a ceramic body with a Silver fuse filament (based on Ampere rating) and a striker pin mechanism.

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Medium Voltage Fuse

Medium Voltage Fuses are current limiting, power fuses having voltage ratings from 0.6kV to 34.38kV.

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Renewable Solar application Fuse

The fuse protections provide better protection against overcurrent in photovoltaic systems and ensure higher levels of safety.

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EV Fuse

Electric Vehicle (EV) fuses for vehicle systems 500 V d.c. and 1000 V d.c. include fuse ratings up to 1000 A.

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Traction Fuse

Protection against the effects of short-circuits and overloads in the electric circuits of railway traction substation equipment.

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Semiconductor Fuse

Semiconductor fuses are also known as high speed, fuses or rectifier, fuses.They are very fast acting, current limiting, fuses.

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HRC Fuse

HRC fuse (high rupturing capacity fuse) is one kind of fuse, where the fuse wire carries a short circuit current in a set period.

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Fuse Holders

A fuse holder is a housing enclosure, mounted in the equipment and is designed to hold the fuse.

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